Die Manufacturing

Yonetani has capability to design & manufacture dies for over 2,000tons discast machine. We are committed to out our best efforts to improve the process to achieve the most precise, safest and efficient die for customers total satisfaction for larger applications as well.


You can count on Yonetani for the stable supply of good quality dies

Before starting the actual machining, the tool and holder selection, setup method, and machine operation simulation on the computer are performed reliably to achieve stable long-term machining.

The operation of the machine tool is monitored by the IOT machine operation monitor to improve the mobility.
Not only can you monitor the operation of the machine, but you can also collect the causes of stoppages, so you can obtain detailed data for process improvement, contributing to improved productivity.
(The IOT machine operation monitor is an in-house system.)


We will ensure the dimensional guarantee of molds and products, and we will consider reliable shape correction folding according to the tendency of dimensional difference of products.

Using contact and non-contact three-dimensional measuring machines together, we strictly measure whether the product and mold dimensions meet the required tolerances, and prevent the outflow of defects.

We will collect the measurement results in a detailed report, share the information with the customer, and make a proposal to pass the first shot after the second type.


Please request for die modification, repair, and maintenance to Yonetani.

We can also repair and maintain large die castings of 2000t class. In the case of mold failure, we analyze the cause of the failure and perform accurate repairs unique to the mold manufacturer.



Head Office & Plant

Brand Equipment Name Quantity Table Size Remarks Zero Clamping System
5-face Machining Center OKUMA MCR-BⅡ
1 3800×2000 Add BC Axis
1 4800×2500 Add BC Axis
Gate type Machining Center OKUMA MCV-AⅡ 1 1800×1200
OKUMA MCV-A5000 1 1800×1000
OKUMA MDB 1 1300×1000
Machining Center OKUMA MC6V-5000 2 1530×630
OKUMA MA-650VB 1 1530×660
OKUMA MILLAC611VⅡ 1 1600×610
MAKINO GF8 2 1800×800
MAKINO GF12 1 2150×1200
MAKINO v56i 1 1050×550
MAKINO V99 1 1800×1000 Temperature Control
MAKINO V99L 2 2300×1000 Temperature Control
Machining Center MAKINO A77 1 730×730
MAKINO A88 1 730×730
MAKINO a81nx 2 630×630
OKK MC-8H 1 800×800
MAKINO MCB1310 1 1000×1000
OKK HM1250S 1 1250×1250
MAKINO MCC2013 1 2200×1000 Temperature Control
Machining Center KURAKI KGD-2013A 1 1800×1600 Gun drill
5-axis Machining Center OKUMA HOWA VMP-16 1 1200×1200
Machining Center for Graphite MAKINO SNC 86 2 1000×600
MAKINO SNC 106 2 1000×600
MAKINO v56iGR 1 1050×550 Long Z-Axis Stroke
EDM MAKINO EDNC 106 5 1300×950
MAKINO EDNC 106S 1 1300×950
Wire Cut EDM MAKINO U86 1 800×800
SODICK ALN800G 1 800×600
Turning Machine HOWA STRONG860 2 φ100
Milling Machine NIIGATA 6UM 1 1400×720
Milling Machine MAKINO DJU107 4 1700×500
Grinding Machine OKAMOTO 1 600×300
Drilling Machine OOYA RE 2 800×500
MIROKU MEG-600 1 1000×500
Turning Center OKUMA LB-300 1 φ150
Cutting Machine TUNE CS-400P 1
Cutting Machine AMADA V500 1 650×650
CMM MITUTOYO CRYSTA-Apex C 122010 1 1200×2000 contact/non‐contact
MITUTOYO CRYSTA-Apex S 121210 1 1200×1200  contact/non‐contact

Chubu Branch Office & Plant

Brand Equipment Name Quantity Table Size Remarks Zero Clamping System
Machining Center TOSHIBA MPF-2114C 1 1900×1500
Machining Center TOSHIBA BMC-63E 1 630×630
Cutting Machine AMADA V400 1 600×600
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