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Industry-leading mold design and manufacturing technology

We have been proactively incorporating IT technologies such as CAD/CAM for more than 40 years and manufacture molds that meet the strict requirements of users with high quality and quick delivery.
Having our own casting equipment, we are not limited to the production of molds, we can do consistent manufacturing such as trial production, product casting and product processing.
We also undertake various CAE analysis contracts, and with our overwhelming experience and knowledge, you will be highly satisfied with the molds we deliver.

About us

Company Name Yonetani Die & Mold Co.,Ltd.
President Yonetani Tsuyoshi
Address Head Office & Plants
3-3-90 Tstsuka,Kashiwazaki-shi,Niigata Prefecture,945-0032
TEL 0257-23-5171(In Japan)
+81-257-23-5171(from Outside Japan)
FAX 0257-23-4183
Chubu Branch Office
76-9,Yashikiura,Fukuda-cho,Miyoshi-shi,Aichi Prefecture,470-0225
TEL 0561-34-5177 FAX 0561-34-1168
Tokyo Sales Office
International Business Development
TEL 090-5618-2617 Mark Sese

Certified「ISO9001」「ISO 14001」



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0257-23-5171(In Japan)
+81-257-23-5171(from Outside Japan)